İnsan Sarrafı

Çevrendeki insanlar hakkında tahmin ederek puan kazan, tanış veya arkadaşlarını ne kadar iyi tanıdığını gör! Bildikçe kazan İnsan Sarrafı ol!

Let people guess about YOU!

What do you listen? What do you watch? What do you like? Answer the
questions and let people guess about you.


More fun with friends!

As every game, İnsan Sarrafı is more fun with friends too.

Ask your friends to answer the quiz about you and see how much do they really
know about you?


Meet new people around you!

İnsan Sarrafı works location based. It finds people around and asks you to
make a guess about them. You can also start a conversation with
people you like. But first, you have to make at least one right guess to
get in touch.